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Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I am profoundly disappointed but not particularly surprised to find that the hype surrounding Selincro seems to be based more on the skills of Lundbeck's PR department than on a substantial medical breakthrough.

As someone for whom psychosocial intervention has not been successful but who would otherwise fit the criteria for Selincro, the revelation that there was very little difference in outcome between the Selincro groups with intervention and the control groups with intervention was disheartening.

I instinctively see medication as a last resort and you and Niamh Fitzgerald (comment #2) have together persuaded me there is precious little evidence that Selincro is likely to be of any benefit for someone for whom psychosocial intervention has proved ineffective.

Disappointed, yes, but grateful to you for providing the evidence to allow me to see through the hype.

Some really important issues raised here. Also a good SMMGP post with some similar points


My comments on this excellent piece were so extensive that I have posted a blog to accommodate them on www.alcoholiba.com

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