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Friday, March 04, 2011


as much as we want to rid of alcohol and cigarettes but we can't, a lot of them are promoting on television, movies and ads, all we can do right now is to educate ourselves in how to control and be responsible.

Cigarettes are out of the way and that didn't effect how many people smoked! If people want to drink they will drink and fully agree with previous post, it is a result of poor life skills and people not having sustainable values. We need to instil in people better morals, higher standards and more self-esteem, people need to take responsibility for their lives rather than blame everything else.

I understand Don Shenker's comment is a reference to the alcohol policy book/concept 'Alcohol: no ordinary commodity' Babor et al.

Evidence shows a clear link between price and consumption. Social factors are vitally important too, but its not an 'either or argument'.

This is why multiple interventions are needed as part of effective harm reduction strategy.

Alcohol is certainly an epidemic in the UK. Binge drinking has become the norm, with one in three effected. In response to Don Shenkers comments, Alcohol is a normal commodity. It is promoted everywhere, with probably the biggest culprits being Soap Operas.

Problematic drinking isn't created by cheap booze, it's created by poor life skills and negative social learning i.e. the inability to process emotions.

A much more radical reform is required. Perhaps some practical life skills at school level would help. Maybe there could be more promotion of alternative activities on the soap operas.

Targeting shops for offering promotions of alcohol seems to be a little ludicrous to me.

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