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Monday, February 28, 2011


can,t the government see that the problem we have with alcohol is not the price it,s how it,s sold and who sells it it,s time they looked in to the super markets and the profit margin they make on it.allways a lost leader,and they dont know where it goes to when it leaves the shop and do they care, they are obviously not sticking to codes set out in the licencing act on the promotion of alcohol as the pubs do at least the pubs have control they have the rights to refuse to serve any one they think has had to much and thats normaly becauce they,ve preloaded from the supermarkets before they hit the streets or any responsible pub and who gets the blame the for the binge drinkers the landlords
It,s time to go back to the old days sell alcohol in the pubs and the old stile off licenses not the supermarkets and the potrol stations

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