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Friday, May 21, 2010


I think that all related medical treatment down to ALCOHOL should be paid for and to be put down as self adminstered and therefore not paid for by the state as part of the national health service.
J Nunnerley

What is the objective of the Coalition Government Alcohol plan. Does the plan adhere strictly to the government’s creed…. CONTROL AND RESPONSIBILITY .

If the objective is to tackle anti-social behaviour from irresponsible binge drinking , shouldn’t the government then ask itself WHO has CONTROL over how much alcoholic drink is allowed to enter a drinker’s mouth. Would it be that individual drinker or someone else. Obviously the answer would be the individual drinker. How would RESPONSIBILITY then be linked to CONTROL in this instance?

Do you think raising the minimum price of alcohol or even banning selling below cost is the answer? In this scenario the government has placed the RESPONSIBILITY on everyone regardless of individuals who do not even indulge in binge drinking . Can another individual who has no CONTROL over another’s action be made RESPONSIBLE ? Is this fair, not to mention the Government has also broken another of its promises; RETURNING MORE CONTROL TO THE PEOPLE AND NOT THE GOVERNMENT. Instead of allowing us the People and free market forces determine market prices the Government is imposing a fixed pricing mechanism into the equation.

I think the Government should rethink and be less hasty in formulating a plan that has penalising effect on innocent parties. Make only those who have CONTROL be RESPONSIBLE. Take for instance car drivers. It has been a time-tested example of CONTROL and RESPONSIBILITY going hand in hand together. Only drivers who break the law are penalised. So why not use the same system. Make it unlawful to behave in an anti-social manner from binge drinking in designated areas or instances (which the government has to decide). Should any drinker break this law then the police can arrest them and issue a summon, be it a point system or a penal fine and maybe making it mandatory to attend a class to educate them. I think this is more justifiable, unless the Alcohol Plan has an ulterior motive …to raise extra money for the Government!!!

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