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Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Can a venue promote giving away 365 bottles of alcho pop away to one person? Although the 'winner' is set to recieve the alcohol delivered to their home- does that not promote irriesponsible drinking to the student market by delivering for free such large quantities of alchol?

In respose to the previous comment I posted, the link on your page was actually very helpful, and answered my question. For anybody else similarly unsure...

"This condition therefore prevents promotions such as:
• “women drink for free”;
• “half price drinks for under 25s”;
• discount nights for students; or
• cheap drinks for fans of a specific sporting team.
Some premises offer entry for a fixed price and then give unlimited drinks for no extra cost, or set a
very high limit on the number of drinks that you can have included in that entry fee.
This condition therefore prevents promotions such as:
• “all you can drink for £10”;
• “pay £5 entry and then drink up to 12 shots”;
• “10 pints for £10”; or
• “pay your entry fee then drink for free until 10pm”."

My understanding of 'irresponsible drinking promotions' was quite a wide one, covering all promotions that encourage people to drink more, or to change prices for a particular (for example 'Student') night. Is this now illegal? I know of establishments still running one-off night offers, and also of '1p entry, 1p on selected drinks', 'free shot with first drink' etc. Is the policy change only on all you can drink deals or blanket policy covering offers such as the above? Seems to be grey area

Craig - I think that will now be illegal yes. I expect your local licensing department would be keen to notify the premises of this.

even though this has been brought in, i know of a place still offering £20/25 all you can drink, is that legal?

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