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Sunday, February 22, 2009


White Cidre, can be an issue, but raising the tax on the entire Cidre industry will kill off many manufactureres . I will state that most cidre drinkers enjoy it in moderation as many would a glass of wine. White cidre needs to be dealt with but leave the rest of the industry alone.

I myself have fallen victim to the grip of white cider.
luckily I had the support of my friends and family.
I volunteer for my local community.
want any drains cleared. use that stuff.

These ciders are strong and pretty acidic, so they can easily cause acid reflux, which,in my case, led to stomach problems, including a bleeding stomach ulcer which required an emergency operation.

i was not a heavy drinker. i started at 19 yrs and by 33yrs i was in hospital with "severe acute pancreatitis" my local off licence manager said it is most likely the white cider as it's full of chemicals, & she would like it banned. Anyone in doubt should google "sap" as above. i wish i had, my life wil never be the same again, although i am somewhat thankfull that i am here to tell the tale.

Perhaps the focus should be on getting people to drink the cider for enjoyment and reduce the amount they are drinking. As it's current reputation is for homeless people and students, they need to deter from this image and try to campaign for more responsible drinking like the rest of the brands.

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