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Sunday, January 11, 2009


what a pile of rubbish. i was a 5 year long Alcoholic and quit on my own without any help, espeacially from someone or some silly spiritual experience. Ironically i was a strong believer in god b4 becoming a steam head but he did't help and was partly the cause. Once i had beaten the drink, i quickly came to realise there is no god and nothing that can help you apart from yourself.

Whilst the author's views in respect of the damage caused by alcohol are, insofar as they go, accurate, this writer has yet to meet an alcoholic who could cut down on his/her intake regardless of the price.

Long before cut price alcohol was avaialable, alcoholics, especially the homeless, would buy either white spirits or methylated spirits and mix it with orange juice, a process referred to as 'boxing'

Alcoholism is a complex mental and physical disorder with a strong spiritual dimension, wherein the addicted have lost their ability to control their intake for any sustainable period of time. Attempting to get them to cut down by any process is unlikely to have a lasting effect.

As Carl Jung pointed out to Bill 'W', the co founder of Alcoholics Anonymous;

"Science has now answer to this problem, psychotherapy alone is useless. What is required is a spiritual experience"

We need to learn to treat the addict, not the addition.

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