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Sunday, September 21, 2008


I think DH were poorly advised on this one. The research on heavy drinkers that was done is actually quite good, but to package and release it in this way was a poor decision. It just seems like marketing speak and that puts a lot of people off. If the maketing bods at DH were clever they wouldn't have released this and just got on with thier campaigns. However, AC did release a supportive quote as at least they're spending money on trying to target particular groups. It remains to be seen if the 'Mad Men' will succeed...

I heard the original presentation of this study, and describing the nine types as 'research findings' is overstating it a bit, to say the least. I think the Department of Health have been rather misleading in the way they have presented this. It is actually the first stage in a much larger project aimed at developing health messages that will be best heard by those that need them.

what about the i can,t deal with that drinker. the one like myself who could not deal with his or other peoples emotions. i didn,t know now and didn,t want too. lets call him the blocker .everything emotion will disappear with a drink or ten .drink was my shied against the world and at that point in time it was the only way i knew how to cope with life , block it and every-body out. so we have the blocker, ps im better now

Well, you folks have certainly been busy! & must be extremely well educated in this field. As a recovering alcoholic now for 17 mos 6 days, I can't see which of those are applicable to me. Where are those who drink to calm their nerves, when they realize their work day is done & they have to return to their 'mate' which they shouldn't have married in the first place!
Sorry guys, but there are a lot of us out here. And don't forget that Alcohol caused illness's are sprouting faster than much of society is aware. Reason being, I've found, that about 85% of them, are too ashamed to speak of it. In the meantime, I have yet to find any healthy drinkers who are at all aware of any health risks, if consumed within proper standards. Therefore, what knowledge are we giving our youth???
We warn them plenty about DRUGS, then drunkeness & binging, but I have yet to see or hear of any guidance regarding health effects of moderate liquor consumption !?!

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